Arthritis Cures

Facts about Arthritis Cures

Painful and debilitating, arthritis afflicts over 40 million people across the United States, making the need to find effective arthritis cures all the more crucial.  The difficulty is in the fact that there are many types of arthritis that affect any number of joints in the body.

Movement of our bodies is made possible through joints; separate bones that are connected by muscle and cartilage.  The muscles make actual movement possible, while cartilage acts as a cushion in the joint during movement.  Without cartilage, the bones would make contact with each during movement, causing friction as well as pain and swelling.  The condition called arthritis is the result of the breakdown of this cartilage.  There are several reasons why arthritis occurs.  It can be caused by other disorders, such as an autoimmune disease, or by a chronic infection caused from bacteria or a virus.  The breakdown may be due to a previous break of a bone around the joint.  Arthritis can also very commonly be the simple result of wear and tear on the joints, something that naturally occurs over many years of use. 

There are other reasons that arthritis sets in, as well.  Overweight conditions, genetics, hazards presented through work and participation in sports can also dictate whether a person gets arthritis.  It is not, as typically thought, a condition which affects only the elderly.  Arthritis can occur in children, as well; a condition that is called juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  While the two conditions are not one and the same, each affects the joints.  Both conditions possess the need for research on arthritis cures, although many professionals feel it to be more beneficial to focus on relieving the symptoms of arthritis since cures do not at this time exist.  

So called cures for arthritis are actually temporary treatments.  At this time, there are no permanent fixes for the breakdown of the cartilage in the joints.  Some types, such as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, can be fully cured in some instances.  For this reason, it is important to have the condition diagnosed by a medical professional.  By learning the underlying cause of the arthritis, the doctor will then be able to zero in on a treatment that will bring relief from the pain and inflammation.  Quite often, especially in early diagnosis of the condition, making changes in one’s lifestyle and concentrating on home remedies can bring great relief to the arthritis sufferer. 

Exercise and rest are two key components to maintaining the health of the joints in the body.  Working out on a regular basis will help to alleviate stiffness, pain and tiredness while at the same time strengthening bones and muscles.  Getting plenty of rest allows your body to heal and rest the muscles.  When flare ups of arthritis do occur, pain relievers will help to reduce the inflammation and ease the painful symptoms.  If the condition worsens, there are prescription medications that provide relief as well.  These can be in the form of steroids, COX-2 inhibitors, biologics and anti-rheumatic medications.  Communicating with the doctor on medications is crucial for the best and safest of results; it is important not to incorporate home remedies with prescription medications without first talking to the doctor to ensure their safety.  

Arthritis cures may someday be on the horizon, but at this juncture, only treatments to relieve the symptoms of the condition exist.  When diagnosed with the condition, remember that various types of arthritis respond to different treatments.  The fact that one person’s osteoarthritis was completely cured may not have the same outcome for another person suffering from chronic arthritis.  It can only be hoped that continued research will eventually find a way to stop this debilitating process from crippling such large numbers of individuals.